How to find authentic Turkish carpets on your trips

Traveling is about new experiences and learning from everything that happens on the journey. Sometimes, we make poor decisions based on our inexperience and lack of knowledge, this is why you should read these tips before you purchase a fake Turkish carpet.

The art of crafting these rugs began in Central Asia, with the nomads who manufactured carpets using hair from goats in the V century a.c. Usually made by women to protect themselves from the cold, these artistic pieces became famous for the beauty and comfort they bring to any place. Nowadays, Turkish carpets are woven in more than 750 tribal areas and villages using the same symbols and colors.

The only problem is that these rugs are really valuable articles and some people might try to sell you a fake one. So, if you are traveling to Turkey on your next vacation trip, you must be careful when buying anything from the wrong people.

How to choose the right carpet for you

Do you want a quality handmade rug? If you want the best it’s important that before purchasing a Turkish carpet you learn how to evaluate the authenticity of it.

Look for a good trader, with good references and great knowledge on the subject. Learn all you can from him before you even think about spending money.

Learn about the two types of knots that the artisans use on the carpets. A machine cannot replicate this work by any means, you will see the difference!

Explore the back side of the carpet. If it has imperfections,
then it is handmade, if it not, then is from a factory.

Finally, take a look at this video:

So, if you are traveling and you want to get a good Turkish carpet remember these tips, you can be sure that you will choose the right one if you follow them. Also, once at home remember that you will need a great carpet cleaner for that new rug.

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